Karina Krafts / Potters

Browse our Potters catalogue based on range. Shop our jewellery or gift rigid board boxes, luxurious jewellery cases, gift bags, and other ranges designed for jewellers and small businesses.

Note: whilst we are still populating the Potters catalogue and stock levels, we cannot yet take your order(s) online. To place an order today using this catalogue, please call us on 01443 815595.


Discover our selection of quality ranges, including the biodegradable Earth collection, large letter-sized Premium Postal Boxes, elegant Lyon Plus Boxes, and much more!


We have a case to suit your every need. Traditional Leatherette options in the Marham, Brilliant, Harmony and Nuance ranges. High-end cases in the Vogue Wood range. Classically gold-tooled jewellery cases in the Victorian and Windsor ranges, and much more!


Finalise your purchase with quality gift bags, or tuck your pieces into a comforting pouch or pocket ready for delivery. Try our popular, two-tone Modern Bags, baroque-style Lyon Plus Chic bags, Satin Pouches, or a variety of pillow case EnvoSleeves.