Collection: VOGUE WOOD

Indulge in luxury with the Vogue Wood collection.

The Vogue Wood jewellery cases offer an unparalleled unboxing experience, crafted using highly lacquered wood. This offers a unique experience, and is highly sought after by many high-end jewellers and gift makers. These cases act as marvellous displays, as well as packaging and storage.

Vogue Wood is available in 4 sizes in up to 3 colours: black, white and beech. The black cases have matching coloured lining, while the white and beech cases have white lining.

The inner lining on the lid can be printed. Each case comes provided in a premium carton to ensure no scratches are present in storage or carriage. Vogue Wood is sold in packs of 10, excluding the necklace size, which is sold in packs of 5.