Collection: ECOBOARD

Make an environmentally conscious choice with our highly popular range of jewellery and gift boxes, EcoBoard. Designed with sustainability in mind, EcoBoard offers a diverse selection of six purpose-sized options for jewellery, catering to everything from rings to chokers. Additionally, we provide three universal options suitable for a variety of gifts, as well as five larger gift boxes designed for items such as candles, tiaras, and gift sets. With a total of 16 size options, EcoBoard ensures versatility for all your gifting needs.

Crafted in the UK, our EcoBoard boxes are made from fully recyclable paper and paperboard. By employing traditional manufacturing methods, we minimise waste and establish EcoBoard as a genuinely eco-friendly packaging solution with a low carbon footprint.

The lid of our EcoBoard Boxes can be customised through hot foil printing. EcoBoard boxes are conveniently packaged in sets, with the quantity specified on each product page, allowing you to easily manage your order.

Some EcoBoard boxes come with inserts included—the EcoBoard ring box features a reversible black and white foam insert, while the remaining boxes are fitted with a Courtelle wadding. Foams and card inserts may be cut for selected boxes at an additional cost, if we have the relevant cutting tool for the job.

Want to save on delivery costs? Our EcoPostal range has a reduced height; it is large letter friendly when packed in a thin mailing bag, or envelope.