Collection: EARTH

Make an ethical and revolutionary choice with our biodegradable packaging solution. The Earth range is an exceptional line of eco-friendly jewellery boxes that will transform your packaging experience. Unlike most alternatives, our Earth range is made of sustainable bioplastic PLA derived from plants like corn, ensuring its natural breakdown when composted. Crafted with precision, each gift box exudes a smooth, high-quality plastic feel, thanks to the innovative PLA material.

Embracing sustainability, the Earth range offers five distinct sizes: ring, stud earring, earring, pendant / universal, and necklace. Available in elegant black or pristine white. As an added benefit, Earth's biodegradability ensures that when it is discarded, it decomposes, releasing only water and trace amounts of carbon absorbed by the plants used in its creation. Choosing the Earth range can alleviate concerns about contributing to landfills while promoting an eco-conscious approach.

To elevate your brand and create a memorable experience, personalize each box with your company's logo on the lid. With our vibrant, metallic, and matte foil options, your brand identity will shine through, leaving a lasting impression.

Inside each box, you'll find a meticulously crafted cut foam insert that perfectly matches the box's colour. This thoughtful detail ensures that your jewellery pieces are snug and secure. Moreover, the Earth jewellery boxes are conveniently packaged in sets, with the quantity specified on each product page, simplifying your packaging process.

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