Collection: ECOGIFT

Experience the epitome of elegance with our rigid gift box range, EcoGift. Designed to make a lasting impression, these boxes are available in five sizes, catering to a variety of purposes. Discover the perfect fit for your treasures within our remarkable collection. Crafted using eco-friendly paper and paperboard, they are fully recyclable, allowing you to minimise your environmental impact.

EcoGift Candle, Tiara, Gift Size 1, Gift Size 2, and Gift Size 3 boxes are supplied empty, while the remaining boxes are fitted with Courtelle wadding. Foams and card inserts may be cut for selected boxes, at an additional cost, if we have the relevant cutting tool.

The Candle Box, the smallest in our range, measures a towering 98mm in height. This box is an ideal choice for votive or filled candles, as well as smaller pillar candles. Our tiara boxes surpass all other jewellery boxes in size, offering ample space for oversized necklaces, dazzling tiaras, and other gifts that demand extra legroom. They even accommodate luxurious clothing with ease. The centrepiece of our collection lies in the main square gift boxes, available in three sizes: 180 x 180 x 80mm, 210 x 210 x 90mm, and 240 x 240 x 100mm. These large gift boxes are perfect for presenting gifts such as hampers, subscription services, clothing, or sizable jewellery pieces.

To elevate the presentation of your gifts to new heights, we offer the option of printing onto the lid of our EcoGift boxes. Choose from our extensive selection of colours for a sleek and sophisticated textured print. For the larger Size 2 and Size 3 EcoGift boxes, printing is available on the bottom left or top right of the lid.

To maximise the internal space of our EcoGift boxes, they are supplied empty. However, if you wish to add an insert, we offer a range of vibrant and Acid-Free Tissue Paper options, ensuring a touch of colour and protection for your cherished items.