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St. Tropez Universal Box (Pack of 12)

St. Tropez Universal Box (Pack of 12)

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Custom Printing Available!

St. Tropez boxes can be printed on the interior top cushion pad. St. Tropez Tote Bags can be printed on one or both sides.

St. Tropez print charges: £0.15 per inside top pad print / £0.30 per tote bag print*

At checkout, please fill in the corresponding box with your custom printing requirements.

*100 prints minimum! For anything less than 100 prints across a single order, we charge a set-up fee of £15 on that specific order, and each order thereafter if the print count is less than 100.

Follow the link for a full breakdown of custom print charges and setup costs.

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82mm (W) × 82mm (D) × 26mm (H)

The St. Tropez Universal box, with its chic reptile-skin pale pink exterior and classic ivory leatherette interior, can house all manner of jewellery, from small pendants to rings, earrings, or even small gift sets. It’s a great all-rounder for the vintage jeweller.

St. Tropez is supplied with a white card sleeve for protection, and can be custom printed on the interior top pad.

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St. Tropez

pale pink boxes with a textured finish