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EcoBoard Deep Universal Box (Pack of 20)

EcoBoard Deep Universal Box (Pack of 20)


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External: 85mm (W) x 85mm (D) x 58mm (H)

This average-sized box has similar width and depth to the EcoBoard Pendant, but offers a unique 58mm internal height. The added height gives this box added flexibility, and unlike the rest of the EcoBoard Universal series, this box can house more unique goods such as small candles, minerals, medals and small ornaments.

Available in Black Ribbed and White Ribbed only. These boxes come with an outer ribbed paper, adding a protective layer that also enhances the look and texture; they also have matching internal board colours to the outside paper. This Deep Universal Box is provided with complimentary 20mm Courtelle wadding inside.

When printed, your logo will be placed centrally on the outside of the lid, with many colour printing options to choose from.

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