Collection: ECOHINGE

Discover a premium and eco-friendly alternative to traditional jewellery cases with our innovative creation, EcoHinge. Finding high-quality, environmentally-conscious packaging at an affordable price can be challenging. However, EcoHinge is designed to provide a compelling solution. Crafted exclusively from recyclable paper and paperboard, EcoHinge offers the same level of quality as traditional jewellery cases but with the added benefit of sustainability. Available in five sizes, ranging from compact ring cases to larger necklace boxes, EcoHinge offers versatility for various jewellery pieces. Furthermore, it is offered in four appealing colour combinations.

EcoHinge features a unique hinged shoulder box design with a sturdy paper hinge. This design allows for the use of up to two paper colours, creating an element of surprise as a hidden secondary colour is revealed when the box is opened. Moreover, unlike other jewellery cases we offer, EcoHinge allows for customisation on the lid through hot foil printing, providing a clean and sophisticated look. With many foil colours to choose from, including vibrant, metallic, and matte options, you have the freedom to create a truly personalised packaging solution.

Please note that EcoHinge comes fitted with black foam inserts, featuring slots for jewellery placement. EcoHinge is sold in packs, with the sizes listed on the product page.