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Venice (Victorian) Stud Earring Box (Pack of 6)

Venice (Victorian) Stud Earring Box (Pack of 6)

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Custom Printing Available!

We can print the interior satin pad with your company logo. Please note: these boxes are very small, so your block must be small enough for the interior satin if it is to be custom printed.

Print charges for Venice (Victorian): £0.15 per interior satin pad print*

*100 prints minimum! For anything less than 100 prints across a single order, we charge a set-up fee of £15 on that specific order, and each order thereafter if the print count is less than 100.

Follow the link for a full breakdown of custom print charges and setup costs.


34mm (W) x 40mm (D) x 31mm (H)

The Venice (Victorian) Stud Earring, wrapped in leatherette with gold profiling and a gold, push-button clasp, is the perfect addition to your vintage collection. Each box is packed with a soft, velveteen base to accommodate your jewellery and a white satin top pad, which can be custom printed.

This range is available in either black or blue leatherette with the choice of a matching or white inner lining, and comes supplied with a white, 2-piece packer.

The interior white satin can be printed with your company logo, but only if your block comfortably fits the satin, which is very small.

Potters old code: 231016 / 231017

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Venice (Victorian)

QUALITY LEATHERETTE RING AND PENDANT BOXES with gold profiling and a classic button or clasp opening