Bespoke Design Service

Karina Krafts offers a bespoke design service where we can design and create professional packaging completely tailor-made to your request. Our bespoke packaging options are a perfect way to personalise your packaging, increase your brand image and add retail value to your products.

We can work with you to help create unique packaging solutions such as jewellery and gift boxes, displays, plastic bags or gift bags to name a few. We can source the perfect materials and develop different textures and finishes, adding peace of mind that your products are always presented in a quality and professional manner.

If you’re considering the environmental impact of your packaging, recyclable boxes are becoming an increasingly popular demand from our customers. Eco-friendly products can still look and feel luxurious whilst being personal to your brand.

Whether it’s a full range of boxes or just one style, call us now on 01443 815 595 or email to discuss what you’re looking for and book an appointment with our design team.


If our bespoke package isn’t quite what you’re looking for, why not consider personalising our existing product ranges with your logo in a colourful foil print?


Personalising your packaging is an inexpensive way to add distinction to your packaging and promote your brand.

At Karina Krafts we use hot foil printing machines, these facilities enable us to emboss your image or logo using a metal printing die, in a one colour process. A selection of different coloured printing foils are available from stock.

Artwork must be provided in a “.pdf” format and the image is to be “black on white” with no shading or grading. This is then scaled to match the application and a proof is provided for your approval. Once approved, the printing die is made and under normal conditions the work is completed within 7 days.

Printing charges
Printing dies are charged in part to the customer and will remain the property of Karina Krafts. It is the responsibility of Karina Krafts to store, maintain, repair and replace printing dies, as is seen fit, at no additional charge to the customer. Printing dies are generally made from either magnesium or copper and are charged based on their size and the intricacy of their design, starting at £50.00.

The cost of printing is generally between £0.15 and £0.20 per individual print, depending on the product surface. For small orders of under 100 prints, there is an additional set up charge of £35.00.


Call us now on 01443 815 595 or email to discuss personalising your packaging with a foil print.